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Choosing What Size Fish Aquarium

The first step to setting up a place for your fish to live starts with getting an aquarium. The choices are going to likely overwhelm you. If you walk into your local pet store and mention that you need a new fish aquarium, they will try to sell to you like a car salesmen. It’s good your reading this because I’m going to help you save some money and headache.

Location of Aquarium?

aquarium goldfishAlways choose where your going to put your aquarium before buying one. Measure out with a tape measure how much room you literally have and want to utilize. People commonly learn that the tanks are either smaller or larger than they “envisioned.” Don’t be that person that rushes into impulse and having the dimensions not look right in your home. Look to our tank dimension guide to see what aquariums are designed for your desired measurements and setup.

Longer & Wider Versus Taller & Higher

There really are two different routes when it comes to aquariums. You can go the longer and more narrow route or the tall and less wide models. There also is a wide variety of tanks that are tall and wide but these are usually very large volumes of water. You are in charge of your destiny here. You have all the designs from 1 gallon to 220+ gallons. What I urge you to base your size decision on is how many fish you desire to house and how much money you plan to spend and commitment of being invested with your room available for space. Some species fish are going to do a lot better swimming from side to side more than up and down in a taller tank.

New Aquarium Questions:

Money & Passion Involved

Funny enough, larger tanks take less work most of the time when setup properly. Weigh out how much size you have because bigger is always better. People commonly think they go the safer route with a small tank but they actually tank more work in the long haul. Filtration for smaller tanks cost less but last a very short lifetime usually. Larger tanks will have more money initially to setup but after that its easy as a breeze. Determine that middle ground where the tank is as large as possible for your tank location.

Weight Limits. Water is Heavy Stuff

I received an email weeks ago regarding a 160 gallon tank on the third floor of an apartment. Long story short, the floor couldn’t hold that weight and when the aquarium owner wasn’t home the tank fell through. Imagine 160 gallons of water falling through the third floor of an apartment into the lower floors where others live.. Not a good scenario and my prayers go out to him. Lesson of the day, make sure your floor is able to handle the water weight your aquarium brings to it. Water is very heavy in weight.

Aquarium Stands. Factors to Know

Aquariums and tanks need stands. We have all seen the fish tanks on the kitchen counter but that only lasts so long before mom starts screaming. Fish stands can be anything. I have seen custom granite stands all the way to old t.v. stands being used. You might find that package deals with aquariums at pet stores will look very nice usually. You might also find that tank stands are kind of expensive. A large aquarium stand that needs to hold 200 gallons of water is going to be quite a piece of engineering. Weight versus cosmetics is going to be the two variables that tank stands always battle.

Buying Used Aquarium Setups

I quickly found out that buying used equipment really saved me tons of money. Local sellers in my area just had the hobby die on them and now they’re stuck with this large aquarium with no uses. You can find used aquariums for a quarter of the price you would pay new. With the equipment being used though, beware of what you are buying. Warranties don’t exist for used goods from Craigslist remember.

Wrapping Up Fish Aquariums

Hopefully that give you a good idea of where to go from here. Buying a fish aquarium is a lot like buying a car. Weigh out the variables you are looking to achieve from an aquarium. Maybe you desire to house 50 different species or only house one goldfish. You can comment below and receive my help along with the community quite fast as well too remember. Have fun and don’t rush things too fast.